Except using the coupons, more discount for orders are available for all registered members on MMOMine.COM. Our Member Center has upgraded to help customers to earn more extra discount for orders, follow the given steps below to get certain discount and use them directly when you place orders at our website.

How to get Member discounts for your order

1)  First, you have to Sign Up our membership on our site and Log In your account before making order on MMOMine.COM

2) Your total consumption for your orders determines your Member level which dictates the discount rate you can get.

3) You can go to the User Center to check your Member level and discount rate.


There are five member levels with different discount rates in our store :

VIP 1Your consumption is  < 200 USD,you will get 1% discount when you make new orders.

VIP 2: Your consumption is ≥ 200 USD and < 800 USD, you will get 2% discount when you make new orders.

VIP 3: Your consumption is ≥ 800 USD and < 1500 USD,you will get 3% discount when you make new orders.

VIP 4: Your consumption is ≥ 1500 USD and < 3000 USD, you will get 4% discount when you make new orders.

VIP 5: Your consumption is ≥ 3000 USD, you will get 5% discount when you make new orders.


If you have any doubts, please contact us through our 24/7 Online Service.

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I appreciate the speedy delivery. If I use gold buying again, I will use you guys

Hangin - by on

Wow wow fast delivery (less than 30 min from order). Saved me probably a month of farming on my own time with my work schedule.

Barry Tigas - by on

Really fast and love it!!! I will recommend it to my friends and guild

Rambo - by on

Very fast delivery in about 2 mins. will use again if i get impatient for something again

stewed - by on

Hands down the best site for WoW Classic gold. I've tried a few and this one is the fastest and most reliable. Never using another site again... seriously :)

Direwolf - by on

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